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@AndyNicolaides As it happens, I was putting together a list to use as a "blogroll" on my own archive page. It's quite a short list and they're all on Substack:

The Bluestocking by Helen Lewis. Lewis is a staff writer for The Atlantic and author of the book Difficult Women.

BIG by Matt Stoller. A lot of detailed information about how monopolies govern so much of our lives, and what should be done about it.

sweater weather by Brandon Taylor. Varied and often analytical newsletter from the author of the novel Real Life and short stories (Filthy Animals).

The Common Reader by Henry Oliver. Substantial essays on books and film, not all of which are recent.

The Novellist by Elle Griffin. Griffin is preparing to serialize her gothic novel via her Substack newsletter.

My New Band Is by Elizabeth Spiers. A “topically inconsistent” newsletter from a founding editor of Gawker.

I’m probably going to delete the blogroll, because it makes the page look cramped and crowded.