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If you could kill Putin, would you? I would. And I’m a total peacenik.

Graham Nash on toxic masculinity — there’s another kind? — not least his own 🎶

I’ve said before that iOS badly needs a fast way to collapse the selection (either forwards or backwards). What it needs even more is a way to paste the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point without having to tap the screen (and risk moving the insertion point).

Is it time to retire psychoanalytic literary criticism?

Henry Oliver asks. And he’s not too impressed by Four Thousand Weeks📚 (which I’ve no immediate intention of reading)

I’ve gone back to reading printed books as much as possible. But I don’t print out drafts of my own writing. Not yet anyway though that Paul Graham thread has me asking why not.

Paul Graham reading essays on a phone screen

I somehow overlooked The Garlands of Repose when I was writing my thesis on Marvell, though its title comes from “The Garden” and O’Loughlin’s essay on “Upon Appleton House” is more influential than has been acknowledged. I wonder if I can find a copy of the book. @ayjay, DNA 📖

… alternative means of resolution, such as meditation and arbitration …

Meditation is the current big thing, of course, but I hope it doesn’t entirely displace established approaches, like mediation. Legal world divided on legacy of retiring High Court president, Irish Times

I went back to Twitter 18 months ago, after a 2-year break. I haven’t regretted my return (though I’ve been a lot more careful about who I followed this time around). This thread about collections of linked short stories is the latest find I’m glad not to have missed.

“I’ve just heard that Chapters on Parnell Street is reopening.”

Now, that’s how to bury the lede.

The Irish Times: Kevin Power can’t stop buying books

“Ollscoil na Gaillimhe – University of Galway”: so good they named it twice. Or, if you’re counting historically, four times. Irish Times, NUI Galway to change its name amid confusion over its proper title

I stopped using the Twitter app on both iPhone and iPad. On iPad I use the web interface in Safari and on iPhone I have Spring Mini (iOS app store link). I’m wondering if there’s a better alternative for iPhone? Thanks.

Preparing to write about The Buried Giant (2015) in my newsletter, I went back to read my previous post about Never Let Me Go 📖. One friend implied that I focus on a minor and obvious aspect of the story, at the expense of more subtle elements. I’m not persuaded.

Finished Kazuo Ishiguro, Klara and the Sun📚last night. I’ll need to read this a second time before I have anything to say about it other than that I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to.

I’ve started to read Rosemary Jenkinson, Lifestyle Choice 10mg📖. I bought the paperback direct from the publisher after they cancelled her new book: my attempt to show them that the expression of “controversial” views by an author doesn’t necessarily damage sales!

Years ago, a Dutch friend gave out to me for eating clementines (clemenules), which were obviously the work of humans and not “natural”. That didn’t bother me. But it says here that citrus fruits hybridize very easily, so maybe it was “natural” after all! Via @dave

I’ve added Orchid & The Wasp to my Suspended bookshelf. I started an ebook edition from the library but I’ve put it aside. I may have temporarily overdosed on Caoilinn Hughes’s short stories over the past few days. I’ll eventually get a paperback copy and resume reading 📚

I’ve been thinking about trying to get a ticket for Tord Gustavsen trio at Bray Jazz festival on 1 May. I saw the trio there (with Mats Eilertsen on bass) in 2012 (I think). Not sure I’m yet ready to sit in an indoor audience, some of whose members may not be masked, though 🎶 🎹

It’s only recently I discovered that the reason I hadn’t been hearing much about Christine Tobin lately was that she had moved to New York 5 years ago. Now she and Phil Robson are back: London Jazz News 🎶

Caoilinn Hughes has published one book of poetry and two novels, all award-winning. Her short stories have won prizes too, but have not been published in a collection. In the latest issue of my newsletter I list 8 stories that can be read online, and discuss 3 of them.

Ephemeral Woman in waterlogged landscape: Short stories by Caoilinn Hughes

Ephemeral Woman in waterlogged landscape: Short stories by Caoilinn Hughes In the last email, I said that this issue of the newsletter would be about Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant. As it turns out, I have to postpone that for another two weeks. I spent Easter at my sister’s. It was lovely to see her but I didn’t manage to get all my reading done for the Ishiguro post, so today I’m writing about a different subject instead.

Whenever I update iOS or iPadOS, the update sneakily turns Bluetooth on and it usually takes me a few days (once it took several weeks) to notice that my battery is running down far too fast. This time, it took just one day. I’m getting wise to your ways, Apple!

I’ve been reading some short stories by Caoilinn Hughes online and I came across this Google talk from a few years ago by/with her, which I thought was pretty compelling and illuminating. I haven’t read her novels yet but it’s clearly time I did 📖

The Pen Corner🖋 is closing down after 95 years in business. This is sad but obviously not surprising: Much-loved Dublin city shop Pen Corner to close its doors

I’m wondering again how long it’s going to take the manufacturers and positioners of bike stands to notice that mountain bikes, with extra wide handlebars, have been a thing for more than 40 years now.

In desperation, I removed this line from layouts/partials/head.html

<link rel=“stylesheet” href="{{ “css/main.css” | relURL }}">

and …

nothing major seems to have broken. I need to separate the footer from the main text, otherwise 🤷🏻‍♂️