Change of schedule

A slight delay

The issue of the newsletter that was due today will be a few days late. I’m writing about Salman Rushdie’s 1981 novel Midnight’s Children which I loved when I first read it, a couple of years after first publication. I still loved it when I read it again in 1992. I’m not sure whether that was my first or second rereading but I can say with certainty that I hadn’t read it since then until last week. That seems to me a rather shocking admission, considering the impact the novel had on me on first reading.

While my overall sense of the book hasn’t changed, I’ve been finding some things that I missed on previous readings, and others that I’ve forgotten in the meantime. Appropriately for such a big novel, one that seems (often at the same moment) both exuberant and despairing, I’m finding it difficult to get to grips with. So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to try to finish my essay today. Instead, you should expect it Wednesday (28 April).

I’m going to take advantage of this unexpected blip in the schedule to change my normal publication day. Till now, I’ve been sending out the newsletter every second Sunday. That’s made sense to me because I tend to write it on Saturday and Sunday and send it once it’s done. In future, I’m going to send it every second Wednesday. I have a sense that Sunday evening isn’t the ideal time for an email newsletter to be hitting people’s inboxes (though I have to add that I’ve been pleased by the open and read rates).

So, my plan is to continue to write on Saturdays and Sundays but to hold on to the draft for two days longer, in case anything else occurs to me.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you. Till Wednesday. And thanks for reading.